Joker from Persona 5 confirmed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character

On November 6th, 2018, Joker (Persona 5) was announced as the first DLC character for the SSBU Fighter’s Pass. You can watch the trailer below.

I honestly freaked out when i saw this lmao

This decision wasn’t made by Sakurai though…

Development for DLC characters has been passed up to the higher-ups at Nintendo HQ as Masahiro Sakurai (SSBU’s Game Director) mentioned in a recent Nintendo Direct. 

This is very exciting for the Persona community, as many believed this wasn’t possible. Persona 5 is a Playstation Exclusive game, so to see Nintendo and Playstation collaborating on something this big brings joy to all of our gamer hearts. 

The announcement of Joker for SSBU has cause Persona 5 to begin trending on twitter, once again. Hopefully, the DLC isn’t delayed 4 years just like the game…

This widens the scope for DLC characters and breaks all the rules that Smash Ultimate fans imposed. Could we actually be seeing Steve from Minecraft as a DLC character? Maybe a Rockstar Games rep? Who knows!